Website Hosting

As of January 1st, 2013, all Starter Site hosting renewals will be billed at $80/year.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in this business for almost a dozen years now. I have seen so many changes! As technology soars ahead, I hold on for a ride of my life.

With all the amazing changes in the industry, there is one constant that I have tried to maintain for my valued web clients. That is the cost I’ve passed on to you for your for website hosting services even as I have opted for moving to more reliable services. By purchasing quality hosting service space in bulk, I have been able to keep the price down. However, after doing my books this year, the numbers are telling me that I must raise my prices.

Hosting consists of rented server space in a large data center. It’s kind of like a Mini-Storage Building. You get the space to store your stuff, but that’s all. (I know, the word “hosting” makes me think of cheese and crackers along with a glass of wine! But, in actuality, it means that I pay to upload your website files to a computer in a secure environment that “serves” the content 24/7 to anyone on the Internet.)

We are currently using for our hosting providers.