The Third Time’s a Charm
“After two web developers and over six months of frustration, Cheri took my mediocre website and seemingly overnight turned it into a thing of beauty!

Her artistic talent and technological savvy mixed in with a calm yet enthusiastic demeanor make Cheri a shinning star in a sometimes dark sky of web developers!

Thank you so much Cheri!”

Steve Casler

Catholic or not!
“You have been a real gift and joy with which to work and the parish has been blessed with your talents, Catholic or not! ”

Scott Wolff

“Thanks so much for all your great service – it’s so nice to have someone you trust totally to care for one of your necessary expenses!”

Smilia Marvosh

“Your work is beautiful, and what is just as important, you work well with people. You are patient, encouraging and inspiring. That is a great combination for a web designer. I’m working on the Joyful Pallet drawing and taking my time. It is evolving well and I am looking forward to this new adventure of redesigning the website. I am lucky to have you as my web designer. Thanks so much for all you do.”


“Bless you, bless you, bless you! That was so easy once I knew what and where and how. I am so grateful to you, Cheri. I have been running into brick walls all day so far, and it is so nice to have this one item resolved. I am wishing you well and am deeply appreciative of your clear instructions and kind assistance!”

Sally Jo Martine

(Annual Report Layout)
“WoW! We did it! This was becoming an albatross around my neck and you really turned it into a gem.
Thanks Cheri.”

Pearl Bouchard, Director
Area Agency on Aging of North Idaho
2120 Lakewood Drive, Suite B
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

“It has been great working with you! I’ve been getting a lot of lovely responses about the photography website you created for me. I love the texture you added to the background. I think it really complements the outdoors aspect of most of the photos. Great insight on your part! I’m very pleased. You have been generous with your time and it is appreciated.
Thanks again for my beautiful website!”

Smilia Marvosh

“Have I told you lately how thrilled I am to know that you’re driving this project? I really appreciate your professionalism, your energy, your expertise — I feel a tremendous sense of relief knowing that I am in good hands! Thank you Cheri!”

Lauren Archer

“Having Cheri design my website has been like seeing a work of art manifest. Her vision, creativity and acute understanding of technological workings blended so naturally with her intuitive, genial manner. She has been a joy to work with!”

Pamela Wright

“Cheri and I have worked together for a year to develop and refresh my website.  I have learned a great deal from her and am amazed at her depth of knowledge.  Most importantly, Cheri is inspirational.  I’m always highly motivated after our sessions to implement what we have agreed upon.  Cheri helps me to encapsulate my diverse experience into a meaningful message.    The result is a high impact website which has drawn compliments nationally and internationally.  Cheri is very talented in creating a visual experience that makes a lasting impression. She is a warm and caring person who goes the extra mile in partnering with you.  She always has a wealth of ideas and suggestions that enhance my efforts to build a strong practice in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. ”

Sally Kilbourne
Leadership Coach

“Cheri is on top of the details and always thinking.”

Ted Buethe

“Cheri Calvert is super responsive in making requested changes to our website, frequently exceeding our expectations by getting things done sooner than promised.”

Bryan Barber

“I commend you for a job well done, and sincerely thank you for your fair and reasonable billing. We went to print with your revisions intact, and thanks to your input and expertise we anticipate that our brochures will be well received. Pearl was “spot on” regarding your talent and professionalism; and I will look forward to utilizing your skills in the future. THANK YOU CHERI !!!”

Bob Small
Area Agency on Aging of North Idaho
2120 Lakewood Drive, Suite B
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

“Cheri’s been incredibly helpful. I’m impressed with her design skill and her ability to sort out technical configuration issues quickly. It’s VERY rare to find both those capabilities in one person.”

Dan Webb

“In the midst of a very busy day, Cheri took care of a change to my website that same day. I was expecting that change the next day.”

Robert Johnson

In regard to a recent Zen Cart Version Update from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9h

“Cheri, I just tested the web site and it works perfectly. I completed a test order, changed the contact info in the admin, and tested an email. Thank you so very much for taking the lead on this. It was a great relief to know that the project was in such capable hands. Please follow through with the redirect and I will let the client know the good news!”

David Van Etten
Van Etten Studios


“Cheri, We haven’t met, but I was one of the two overall program chairs for the Agile ’05 Conference, for which you did website work at John Goodsen’s request. Thank you very much! You dealt with a lot of changes and chaos in a very important area for us.”

William Wake

“Cheri, I love my website! You have been a great asset for me. Your diligence, creativity, and unique talent has provided me with a fabulous website. You offer a complete package that is both affordable and design savvy. You have many talents to offer anyone seeking a web designer/builder. I love your poise, determination to please, and especially that you are very fast and accurate.Thank you very much, your work is truly appreciated. I highly recommend you to others.”

Debi Marion