Some business owners believe that having multiple websites under different domain names is a good plan. I don’t believe that is true for these 3 reasons:

  1. Too Time Consuming
  2. Technology is constantly changing and what may be the best choice today will most likely be out-dated next year.

    It is more costly and time consuming to try to keep multiple websites up-to-date with the fresh, original quality content that Search Engines love. Websites built 2-5 years ago are already out-dated.

  3. Search Engine Ranking
  4. If you try to save time and money by duplicating content on 2 or more sites, all of the sites with duplicate content will rank lower in search engine results. Search Engines don’t like the duplicate content that often appears on related domains. It is better to focus efforts on creating new quality content on one domain name rather than dilute it with multiple sites.
    Even if you do have the resources to build and maintain more than one website and you make sure there is no duplicate content, there are still problems in having multiple sites because they will compete with each other to rank in the search engine results.

  5. Consumer Trust
  6. Consumers rate businesses the highest that seem honest, transparent, and genuine. They may become confused and question who who you really are if they see your business listed under multiple websites.

Rather than invest a lot of time building and maintaining multiple sites, I would recommend focusing on a single website with updated design, fresh content, high quality inbound links, and branding that expresses your authentic personality.

So what do you do with all those extra domain names? We can place a 301 redirect on them and point them to your main site. Learn more about “redirects” here >>